Anderson Baillie Case Studies
Case Studies

Because of Bull – BOB

Bull Consulting and Systems Integration (CSI) required customer case study references. The sales force inevitably saw case-study writing as low priority, so Anderson Baillie was asked to find a cost effective means of encouraging the sales force to come forward with stories. An incentivised internal campaign was devised. Primary consideration had to be the benefit that had been realised by the customer when implementing Bull solutions. In other words, ‘what was achieved Because of Bull.’

Because of Bull – BOB

BOB became a character. Tease emails alerted people to look out for BOB. Postcards were sent to every employee within the department, from BOB. Posters detailed a competition for the best BOB. Plus BOB had his own area on the Intranet for competition entries.

BOB captured the imagination of the CSI employees and many messages were posted about him on the Intranet. The best BOB’s were then actively direct marketed to key prospects within the Bull target market sectors.

More Case Studies
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The New Media Forum was so timely as it coincided with the emergence of new communication channels. SAP and its partners Andersen Consulting and Sun Microsystems invited Anderson Baillie to create a strategic marketing communication campaign for the launch.
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