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Case Studies
Martin Dawes

Anderson Baillie's Intelligent Design solutions help elevate and promote Martin Dawes' profile as an AV solutions provider

Martin Dawes AV Solutions are a specialist in stand alone and integrated audio visual presentation and video communication systems.

Martin Dawes offers a one stop shop to provide the necessary resource and products from the basic audio visual components through to structured cabling, design and installation. They offer a one-to-one consultative service to their customers. Understanding that every solution has unique requirements/parameters often requiring tailored and bespoke solutions.

The challenge for Anderson Baillie Design was to develop a new creative design concept and creative proposition for Martin Dawes that would help to connect and bring potential consumers, partners and Martin Dawes closer together.

The objective was to develop intelligent designs and messages for an exhibition stand to be displayed at a key event in the property builders market. The target market segments that the creative design and propositions should focus on are: Architects, QS Civil engineers, Property developers and Construction companies.

The creative solution must present Martin Dawes as a Technology Partner and demonstrate the full range of capabilities that Martin Dawes solutions can offer.

By presenting the concept of partnerships to the target market, the Anderson Baillie design team proposed that partnerships are the future of business. We focussed our creative solution around the idea that people and businesses that provide technical solutions to consumers offer them greater value. Architects, property developers and construction companies who consider technical issues at the development and planning stage offer greater understanding and appreciation of consumer demands and their individual needs. Giving consumers a degree of involvement. Turning their aspirations into reality.

The following copy was used to express and capture what a home is and what it eventually can become with careful attention to detail, individuality and creativity.

“A Home”
“A Place to Live”
“A Space to Love”

The Exhibition Stand has been used at various exhibitions and has received acclaim from Martin Dawes Internal Marketing and Sales Teams who have said it has helped to create and establish Martin Dawes as a preferred Partner within the construction, interior and property market sectors.

Also, and as a result of developing this initial campaign for the property exhibition Anderson Baillie has been invited to create designs for the consumer market for another key exhibition supported by marketing collateral to engage with the target markets of Martin Dawes.

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