Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity
By intelligently communicating and positioning your brand's visual identity, tonal essence and corporate values not only creates awareness by connecting with the audience. It helps build equity within the brand itself.

By articulating your brand vision your adding a personality and voice to your organisation that reflects what you do, how you operate and the attitude in which you work.

It differentiates you from your competitors...

- A language that communicates to all.
- It builds awareness and influences perception
- It reflects your organisations vision and its mission
- It communicates your culture, your messages and your personality
Case Studies
Amdocs ClarifyCRM, a division of Amdocs, the world leader in CRM, billing and order management systems, approached Anderson Baillie to tender for their global Communication Service Provider (CSP) lead generation campaign.
Anderson Baillie continued its supplier relationship with SAP and its partners and in consecutive years from 1994 through to 1998 ran CIM integrated marketing programmes to support SAP and partner’s attendance at the exhibition.
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