Direct Mail & E-marketing
Direct Mail & E-marketing
Our ability to marry innovative design, with a deep understanding of market strategy means resultant creative solutions connect more directly to the target audience and are more likely to stimulate the desired action or reaction.

Whether tactical, strategic, lead generative or purely promotional. Our Direct Mail solutions captivate audiences and get results. Either Online (Digital) or Offline (Print).

Tactically Staged campaigns can be carefully created, be informative and impactful, spanning over a set period to increase awareness and build client perception.

One-off strategic mail shots or promotional mailers designed to create impact and inform/promote an event for example, requiring a response for follow up material allows personalised data to be gathered.
Case Studies
Anderson Baillie continued its supplier relationship with SAP and its partners and in consecutive years from 1994 through to 1998 ran CIM integrated marketing programmes to support SAP and partner’s attendance at the exhibition.
Vistorm, formerly ESOFT Global commissioned Anderson Baillie to produce an awareness and lead generation campaign for its Internet Security Managed Services operation.
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